laitteisto englanniksi   hardware, apparatus, rig, setup


: He needed a [[hammer]], [[nail]]s, [[screw]]s, [[nut]]s, [[bolt]]s and other assorted hardware, so he went to the hardware store.

: military hardware

*: Hardware is the generally accepted colloquism for anything inside a computer other than an engineer.

*: When I saw a special version of Quake running on Voodoo hardware, I knew I would be forking out quite a bit of money on my gaming rig.

: ux|en|to rig an election

*: Rigging and rifling all ways, and no noise / Made with thy soft feet, where it all destroys.

: rfquotek|Tusser

: rfquotek|Fuller

*: He little dreamt when he set out / Of running such a rig.

*: that uncertain season before the rigs of Michaelmas were yet well composed.

: rfquotek|WrightWebster 1913

: The laboratory included an elaborate setup for measuring the energy.

: The classroom setup was simple and efficient.

: Trust me, that was a setup!

: After inserting the disk, run the setup.

: A simple setup on the bottling line involves reloading bottles and labels; emptying, cleaning, and reloading the tanks; and a test run.

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