laatu englanniksi   quality, kind, grade


: This school is well-known for having teachers of high quality.

: Quality of life is usually determined by health, education, and income.

: One of the qualities of pure iron is that it does not rust easily.

: While being impulsive can be great for artists, it is not a desirable quality for engineers.

: Security, stability, and efficiency are good qualities of an operating system.

: A peasant is not allowed to fall in love with a lady of quality.

: Membership of this golf club is limited to those of quality and wealth.

: To identify quality try asking, "what does it feel like?".

: We only sell quality products.

: That was a quality game by Jim Smith.

: A quality system ensures products meet customer requirements.

*: I mean a lot of the money that obviously goes into universities and their libraries and their facilities and their academics and stuff but I mean I haven’t had a very quality degree to be honest. I think the quality of my education has been crap . . .

*: For one I wanted to have what I considered a very quality tracking device.

*: A very quality ball club; that was the Braves.

: ux|en|What kind of a person are you?

: ux|en|This is a strange kind of tobacco.

*: How diversely Love doth his pageants play, / And shows his power in variable kinds !

: ux|en|The opening served as a kind of window.

*: I got my traps out of the canoe and made me a nice camp in the thick woods. I made a kind of a tent out of my blankets to put my things under so the rain couldnt get at them.

*: And whan he cam ageyne he sayd / O my whyte herte / me repenteth that thow art dede /.../ and thy deth shalle be dere bought and I lyue / and anone he wente in to his chamber and armed hym / and came oute fyersly / & there mette he with syr gauayne / why haue ye slayne my houndes said syr gauayn / for they dyd but their kynde

*: Some of you, on pure instinct of nature, / Are led by kind tadmire your fellow-creature.

: ux|en|Ill pay in kind for his insult.

: a kind man; a kind heart

*: Yet was he kind, or if severe in aught, / The love he bore to learning was his fault.

*: O cruel Death, to those you take more kind / Than to the wretched mortals left behind.

: The years have been kind to Richard Gere; he ages well.

: a horse kind in harness

*: ?et haue I no kynde knowing quod I · ?et mote ?e kenne me better.

*: It becometh sweeter than it should be, and loseth the kind taste.

: rfquotek|Chaucer

: ux|en|I gave him a good grade for effort.

: ux|en|He got a good grade on the test.

*: There are a lot of varieties of diatomaceous earth, so when you are shopping, be sure to get the right stuff!

Make sure that you get food grade diatomaceous earth. Some people make 3% of the food they eat be diatomaceous earth. There are claims at parasite control, longevity and all sorts of perks. I know that food grade diatomaceous earth is used heavily in storing grains - so you are probably already eating lots of diatomaceous earth every time you eat any bread, pasta or other grain based food.

Farmers feed food grade diatomaceous earth to their animals to reduce parasites and provide other benefits.

: This fine-grade coin from 1837 is worth a good amount.

: ux|en|The grade of this hill is more than 5 percent.

: ux|en|Clancy is entering the fifth grade this year.

: ux|en|Clancy starts grade five this year.

: ux|en|The grade fives are on a field trip.

: ux|en|This material absorbs moisture and is probably not a good choice for use below grade.

*: The grade of hatchets fiercely thrown / On wigwam-log, and tree, and stone.

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