koulu englanniksi   school, public school


: The divers encountered a huge school of mackerel.

: ux|en|Our children attend a public school in our neighborhood.

: ux|en|Harvard University is a famous American postsecondary school.

: Divinity, history and geography are studied for two schools per week.

: ux|en|We are enrolled in the same university, but I attend the School of Economics and my brother is in the School of Music.

: ux|en|These economists belong to the monetarist school.

*: Let no man be less confident in his faith ... by reason of any difference in the several schools of Christians.

: ux|en|Ill see you after school.

: He was a gentleman of the old school.

*: His face pale but striking, though not handsome after the schools.

: Many future prime ministers were schooled in Eton.

*: A blind law graduate who put the National Conference of Bar Examiners to the test got schooled in federal court.

*: "You again?" Sandman demanded. "I guess you didnt learn your lesson."

*: "This time Im gonna school you."

: She took care to school her expression, not giving away any of her feelings.

*: All such School-masters as have charge of Children and do instruct them either in Publick Schools, or Private Houses.

*: No person shall keepe any schoole... except it be in some publike or free Grammer Schoole, or in some such noblemans... or gentlemans... house as are not recusants.

*: This worthy Man having observed the imperfect Institution of our public Schools, and the many Vices which Boys were there liable to learn, had resolved to educate his Nephew... in his own House.

*: Our Public Schools... (by which phrase we never mean real public schools like the Board schools at all, but merely schools for the upper and middle classes) are in their existing stage primarily great gymnasiums.

*: Who is there who has not jeered at the House of Lords, the military caste, the Royal Family, the public schools, the huntin? and shootin? people, the old ladies in Cheltenham boarding houses, the horrors of ‘county’ society and the social hierarchy generally?

*: It turned out she was posh, or posh-ish, having been to a public school somewhere in Hampshire.

*: Thither [to Douai] he went, where after a yeres great diligence and many excercises done booth in house and publike scholes, he proceded bachilier of diuinitie.

*: Ile haue them fill the publike schooles with skill. Wherewith the students shal be brauely clad.

*: That which is now called an University, is a Joyning together, and an Incorporation under one Government of many Publique Schools, in one and the same Town or City.

*: The Court voted for the erecting a Publick Schooll or Colledge in Cambridge.

*: The Governor and Provincial Council shall erect and order all public Schooles.

*: By Act of Parliament no school is to be kept within two miles of a publick school.

*: A subscription... by a great part of the settlers and others to build a Public School at the Green Hills.

*: Hardly anywhere in France... can the private boys schools, whether they be lay or congreganist, hold their own in the competition with the public schools.

*: Every school under the management of the school board of a parish shall be deemed a parish school, and every school under the management of the school board of a burgh shall be deemed a burgh school, and all such schools are hereby declared to be public schools within the meaning of this Act.

*: Public Schools... are distinguished from those which until recently were entitled Grammar Schools.

*: As to the two races involved in this question of public schools the difference is this: the negroes do not wish mixed schools; the white people will not have them.

*: If our public schools fail to furnish an education fully as good as can be obtained in private schools, intelligent, conscientious, and well-to-do parents will withdraw their children.

*: Public Schools. Course of Instruction... Class III. To include at least reading, writing, arithmetic, outlines of history and geography, and lessons on natural objects.

*: The term ‘public school’ has a different connotation in New Zealand. It implies the Borough or County school; the school provided by the State.

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