kotipesä englanniksi   home plate, nest


: a nest of thieves

: That nightclub is a nest of strange people!

: I am aspiring to leave the nest.

: I was forced to change trumps when I found the ace, jack, and nine of diamonds in the nest.

*: Subroutine 4 cannot jump out of the subroutine nest in one step. Each return address must be popped from the stack in the order in which it was pushed onto the stack.

*: Our analysis to this point has assumed that in a loop nest, we are only parallelizing a single loop.

: We loved the new house and were nesting there in two days!

: I bought a set of nesting mixing bowls for my mother.

: There would be much more room in the attic if you had nested all the empty boxes.

*: After the first heavy frost, when acorns were falling, I took a friend into partnership and went nesting.

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