korko englanniksi   heel, interest


*: He [the stag] calls to mind his strength and then his speed, / His winged heels and then his armed head.

*: the heel of a hunt

*: the heel of the white loaf

*: The bottom half, or the bun heel is placed in the carton, and the pickle slices spread evenly over the meat or cheese.

*: Freedman began his analysis by noting two important facts about professional wrestling: First, that heels triumph considerably more often than do babyfaces...

: rfquotek|Gwilt

*: I cannot sing, / Nor heel the high lavolt.

: The ship gave a heel to port.

: ux|en|Our bank offers borrowers an annual interest of 5%.

: ux|en|He has a lot of interest in vintage cars.

: ux|en|I have business interests in South Africa.

: ux|en|Lexicography is one of my interests.

: ux|en|Victorian furniture is an interest of mine.

*: How can this infinite beauty, power and goodnes admit any correspondencie or similitude with a thing so base and abject as we are, without extreme interest and manifest derogation from his divine greatnesse?

: ux|en|the iron interest;  the cotton interest

: It might interest you to learn that others have already tried that approach.

: Action films dont really interest me.

*: Or rather, gracious sir, / Create me to this glory, since my cause / Doth interest this fair quarrel.

*: The mystical communion of all faithful men is such as maketh every one to be interested in those precious blessings which any one of them receiveth at Gods hands.

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