kehitys englanniksi   development, evolution


: ux|en|The development of this story has been slow.

*: Of more significance in the nature of branch development; in the Jubulaceae, as in the Porellaceae, branches are acroscopic and normally replace a ventral leaf lobe.

: ux|en|The organism has reached a crucial stage in its development.

: ux|en|Our news team brings you the latest developments.

: ux|en|Our development department has produced three new adhesives this year.

: ux|en|Whites development is good, but blacks has been hampered by the pawn on e5.

: ux|en|Among other forms of change, the evolution of transportation has involved modification, diversification, convergence, divergence, hybridization, differentiation, and naturally, selection.

: ux|en|The ongoing evolution of Lolita subculture fashion includes, among other things, the ballet style.

: ux|en|The evolution of the universe began with a bang.

*: There are some examples of cultural evolution in birds and monkeys, but ... it is our own species that really shows what cultural evolution can do.

*: Suffering has a noble purpose: the evolution of consciousness and the burning up of the ego.

*: [Some books have] made the erroneous assumption that the important thing in evolution is the good of the species (or the group) rather than the good of the individual (or the gene).

*: It was a critical instant: the pirouette -- it would fail, she feared. … the rapid whirl achieved in exact time, the whole evolution executed to perfection.

*: … as he beheld the tenfold pirouette of a lovely girl, which presented to the public eye the whole of her form and figure; … to praise the dexterity and ease with which the unfortunate and degraded creature had performed the ungraceful evolution, the only merit of which, is the gross exposition of person, at which modesty shudders […]

*: "Look now, that pirouette -- my stars! how Beauchamp would stare to see his darling perform such an evolution!"

*: By this operation each foot will describe an arc or segment of a circle. … This evolution is performed sometimes on one foot, sometimes on the other …

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