kasvu englanniksi   growth, wax, crescendo, increment


: ux|en|Growth was dampened by a softening of the global economy in 2001, but picked up in the subsequent years due to strong growth in China.

: ux|en|What role does the wax in your earhole fulfill?

*: "You telling me you know who really waxed him and your mom?" / "Yeah," she lied. / "Just who pulled the trigger or who ordered it to be pulled?"

: ux|en|to [[wax lyrical]];  to wax eloquent;  to [[wax wode]]

*: For nature, crescent, does not grow alone / In thews and bulks, but, as this temple waxes, / The inward service of the mind and soul / Grows wide withal.

*: ‘Thats him to a T,’ she would murmur; or, ‘Just wait till he reads this’; or, ‘Ah, wont that put him in a wax!’

: Their fighting rose in a fearsome crescendo.

: Their arguing rose to a fearsome crescendo.

: The band crescendoed and then suddenly went silent.----

*: the seminary that furnisheth matter for the formation and increment of animal and vegetable bodies

*: A nation, to be great, ought to be compressed in its increment by nations more civilized than itself.

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