kanssa englanniksi   accompany, with, as well


*: The Persian dames, […] / In sumptuous cars, accompanied his march.

*: They are never alone that are accompanied with noble thoughts.

*: He was accompanied by two carts filled with wounded rebels.

: ux|en|Geoffrey accompanied the group on their pilgrimage.

: ux|en|The strings were accompanied by two woodwinds.

*: Men say that they will drive away one another, […] and not accompany together.

: rfquotek|Sir T. Herbertrfex|the obsolete cases

*: Many hatchets, knives, & pieces of iron, & brass, we see, which they reported to have from the Sasquesahanocks a mighty people, and mortal enemies with the Massawomecks.

: ux|en|He picked a fight with the class bully.

: ux|en|He went with his friends.

: ux|en|She owns a motorcycle with a sidecar.

*: With that she told me that though she spake of her father, whom she named Chremes, she would hide no truth from me: ...

*: With this he pointed to his face, and showd

*: His hand and all his habit smeard with blood.

*: See where, on earth, the flowery glories lie,

*: With her they flourishd, and with her they die.

*: With a bolt of fright he remembered that there was no bathroom in the Hobhouse Room. He leapt along the corridor in a panic, stopping by the long-case clock at the end where he flattened himself against the wall.

: ux|en|We are with you all the way.

*: Al þus with iewys I am dyth, I seme a wyrm to manus syth.

*: Ysiphile, betrayed with Jasoun, / Maketh of your trouthe neyther boost ne soun;

*: He was torn to / pieces with a bear:

*: He was sick and lame of the scurvy, so as he could but lie in the cabin-door, and give direction, and, it should seem, was badly assisted either with mate or mariners

: ux|en|slain with robbers

*: Þirle my soule with þi spere anoon,

*: you have paid me equal, Heavens, / And sent my own rod to correct me with

*: They had cut of his head upon the cudy of his boat had not the man reskued him with a sword,

*: And keep each other company in spite, / As rivals in your common mistress, fame, / And with faint praises one another damn;

: ux|en|cut with a knife

*: I am fain to dine and sup with water and bran.

: Do you want to come with?

*: And Samson said unto her, If they bind me with seven green withs that were never dried, then shall I be weak, and be as another man.

: Wearing his hat and coat, he looked outside and decided he should take an umbrella, as well.

: They might as well walk as drive in this traffic.

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