kannattaja englanniksi   second, stalwart, fan, follower, patron, partisan, addict, advocate, supporter


: ux|en|He lives on Second Street.

: ux|en|The second volume in "The Lord of the Rings" series is called "The Two Towers".

: ux|en|You take the first one, and Ill have the second.

*: May the day when we become the second people upon earth ... be the day of our utter extirpation.

*: A Daniel, still say I, a second Daniel!

: Saturn is the second largest planet.

: He is batting second today.

: They were discounted because they contained blemishes, nicks or were otherwise factory seconds.

: That was good barbecue. I hope I can get seconds.

*: The policeman smiled, his eyes twinkling. "Now if youll follow me, Ill escort you to the Victoria."
"Oh, theres no need of that. If youll just point me in the right direction..."
Thats what got you in trouble the first time around. You dont need a second.

*: Smoky Joe ran against a Houston horse named Cherokee Chief.
“Dont hit him,” Jeanine said to the jockey. “Maybe once. But you dont get a second.”

*: Ill have one chance to show them thats no longer true. One chance ... and if I stumble, Ill not get a second.

: I second the motion.

*: In the method of nature, a low valley is immediately seconded with an ambitious hill.

*: Sin is seconded with sin.

: Ill be there in a second.

*: Daniel had still been surprised, however, to find the lab area deserted, all the scientists apparently seconded by Cleomidess military friends.

*: We have supplies to second our attempt.

*: In human works though laboured on with pain, / A thousand movements scarce one purpose gain; / In Gods, one single can its end produce, / Yet serves to second too some other use.

: I second the motion.

: If we want the motion to pass, we will need a second.

*: Give second, and my love / Is everlasting thine.

*: Morbo: Direct your attention now to the African turtles seen here migrating.... Morbo wishes these stalwart nomads peace

*: The driver was a stalwart woman who sat at ease in the front seat and drove her car [[bareheaded]]. She left a [[cloud]] of dust and a trail of gasoline behind her.

*: The oxen likewise and the young asses that ear the ground shall eat clean provender, which hath been winnowed with the shovel and with the fan.

*: Whose fan is in his hand, and he will throughly purge his floor, and gather his wheat into the garner; but he will burn up the chaff with unquenchable fire.

: We enjoyed standing at the edge of the cliff, being fanned by the wind..

*: Alice took up the fan and gloves, and, as the hall was very hot, she kept fanning herself all the time she went on talking.

: I am a big fan of libraries.

*: patron of my life and liberty

*: the patron of true holiness

: This car park is for patrons only.

*: Let him who works the client wrong / Beware the patrons ire.

: rfquotek|Sir Thomas Browne

*: "Strong partisans of neither party, Indiana farmers failed to act as a block ..."

*: I had as lief have a reed that will do me no service as a partisan I could not heave.

*: Salisbury and his attendants were also now drawing near, with bills and partisans brandished, and bows already bended.

*: They addict themselves to the civil law.

*: He is addicted to his study.

*: That part of mankind that addict their minds to speculations.

*: His genius addicted him to the study of antiquity.

*: A man gross ... and addicted to low company.

*: I neuer did incense his Maiestie / Against the Duke of Clarence, but haue bin / An earnest aduocate to plead for him.

*: He became a tireless advocate for the needs of adults with IMD throughout Britain and internationally.

: Since she started working with her advocate, she has become much more confident.

*: ux|en|To advocate the cause of thy client.

*: ux|en|This is the only thing distinct and sensible, that has been advocated.

: ux|en|I like trees, but I do not advocate living in them.

: ux|en|We have been advocating for changes in immigration law.

: There were 10,000 supporters in the last match.

*: From the radiator, where he was attaching supporters to his socks, Zooey glanced up at her.

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