kampanjoida englanniksi   campaign, stump


: an election campaign; a military campaign

: The company is targeting children in their latest advertising campaign.

: rfquotek|Grath

: She campaigned for better social security.

*: Ron campaigned the car for a couple seasons before selling it to Mark Danekas (Danekas blowers), who ran the car himself briefly before putting it on the market once again.

*: Paul Muniment had taken hold of Hyacinth, and said, Ill trouble you to stay, you little desperado. Ill be blowed if I ever expected to see you on the stump!

: to stir ones stumps

: This last question has me stumped.

: He’s been stumping for that reform for months.

*: A herd of boys with clamour bowled, / And stumped the wicket.

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tiikeri uimaranta oksennus kynttilä takertua musta kasi