kaikki englanniksi   everybody, put all one's eggs in one basket, everything, each, everyone


*: Selwyn, sitting up rumpled and cross-legged on the floor, after having boloed Drina to everybodys exquisite satisfaction, looked around at the sudden rustle of skirts to catch a glimpse of a vanishing figure—a glimmer of ruddy hair and the white curve of a youthful face, half-buried in a muff.

*: When the party was nice, the party was jumpin (Hey, Yippie, Yi, Yo) / And everybody havin a ball (Hah, ho, Yippie Yi Yo)

: They felt that buying more real estate than they already had would be putting all their eggs in one basket.

: You’ve got it all wrong.

: She was all, “Whatever.”

*: Charles Wesley, Tis mystery all.

: The score was 30 all when the rain delay started.

*: His locks like all a ravel-rope’s-end,

*: With hempen strands in spray

: Dont want to go? All the better since I lost the tickets.

: The butter is all.

*: All as his straying flock he fed.

*: A damsel lay deploring / All on a rock reclined.

: ux|en|All contestants must register at the scorer’s table.  All flesh is originally grass.  All my friends like classical music.

*: In former days every tavern of repute kept such a room for its own select circle, a club, or society, of habitués, who met every evening, for a pipe and a cheerful glass. In this way all respectable burgesses, down to fifty years ago, spent their evenings.

: ux|en|The store is open all day and all night. (= through the whole of the day and the whole of the night.)

: ux|en|I’ve been working on this all year. (= from the beginning of the year until now.)

: ux|en|A good time was had by all.

: ux|en|some gave all they had;  she knows all and sees all;  Those who think they know it all are annoying to those of us who do.

*: without all remedy

: ux|en|Hes all talk; he never puts his ideas into practice.

*: I was born to speak all mirth and no matter.

: She gave her all, and collapsed at the finish line.

*: she therefore ordered Jenny to pack up her alls and begone, for that she was determined she should not sleep that night within her walls.

*: All they were wondrous loth.

: ux|en|We had a great dinner - everything was delicious.

: ux|en|I checked the list again and everything is done.

: ux|en|Thank you for everything you did for us.

: ux|en|A: What do you want to do at the amusement park?
B: Everything!

: ux|en|I did everything today - washed the dishes, cut the lawn, did the laundry.

: ux|en|She wasnt feeling well this morning but now everything is fine.

: ux|en|Since the company lost its best customer everything has gotten worse.

: ux|en|make sure you wash each bowl well;  the sun comes up each morning and sets each night

: ux|en|Im going to give each of you a chance to win.

: ux|en|The apples cost 50 cents each.

*: An each, piece, single item, or individual item package.

*: It was well I secured this forage...|, or both she, I, and Sophie, to whom I conveyed a share of our repast, would have run a chance of getting no dinner at all; everyone downstairs was too much engaged to think of us.

*: Everyones heart palpitated as Leo Dillon handed up the paper and everyone assumed an innocent face.

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