kaapata englanniksi   poach, corral, pirate, hijack, capture, kidnap, ravish


*: The white of an egg with spirit of wine, doth bake the egg into clots, as if it began to poach.

*: Chalky and clay lands ... chap in summer, and poach in winter.

: Cattle coming to drink had punched and poached the river bank into a mess of mud.

: rfquotek|Tennyson

: rfquotek|Carew

*: his horse poaching one of his legs into some hollow ground

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

: We had a small corral out back where we kept our pet llama.

: Please return the shopping carts to the corral.

: The wagon train formed a corral to protect against Commanche attacks.

: ux|en|The lawyer frantically tried to corral his notes as his briefcase fell open.

: ux|en|Between us, we managed to corral the puppy in the kitchen.

: ux|en|After we corralled the last steer, we headed off to the chuck wagon for dinner.

: ux|en|The cattle drivers corralled their wagons for the night.

: You should be cautious due to the Somali pirates.

*: And Gnutella, Freenet and other pirate tools will offer plunderings beyond Fannings fantasies.

*: They had watches that said Gucci or Rolex on them even though it was obvious theyd come straight here from some pirate factory in China.

*: If we untangle the claim that technology has turned Johnny Teenager into a pirate, what turns out to be fueling it is the idea that if Johnny Teenager were to share his unauthorized copy with two million of his closest friends the effect on a record company would be pretty similar to the effect of some CD factorys creating two million CDs and selling them cheap.

: They pirated the tanker and sailed to a port where they could sell the ship and cargo.

: Not willing to pay full price for the computer game, Heidi pirated a copy.

*: In the 1970s cable companies began to pirate some of the football games that the networks had contracted to televise.

*: College students, with their limited budgets, often pirate software to save their money for buying more important items (like beer).

*: Many college students now expect to sample, if not outright pirate, movies, music, software, and TV programs.

: He pirated in the Atlantic for years before becoming a privateer for the Queen.

*: even with regard to captures made at sea

: the capture of a lovers heart

: to capture an enemy, a vessel, or a criminal

*: Arrests and prosecutions intensified after Isis captured Mosul in June, but the groundwork had been laid by an earlier amendment to Jordan’s anti-terrorism law. It is estimated that 2,000 Jordanians have fought and 250 of them have died in Syria – making them the third largest Arab contingent in Isis after Saudi Arabians and Tunisians.

: She captured the sounds of a subway station on tape.

: She captured the details of the fresco in a series of photographs.

: His film adaptation captured the spirit of the original work.

: In her latest masterpiece, she captured the essence of Venice.

: My pawn was captured.

: He captured his opponent’s queen on the 15th move.

*: How deeply ingrained capturing is in the mind of a chess master can be seen from this story.

*: For loe that Guest would beare her forcibly, / And meant to ravish her, that rather had to dy.

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