joskus englanniksi   now and then, someday, sometimes, occasionally, one day


: Call your mother now and then and let her know you care.

: ux|en|Some enjoy spicy food, others prefer it milder.

: ux|en|Can I have some of them?

: ux|en|please give me some of the cake;  everyone is wrong some of the time

: ux|en|Some people like camping.

: ux|en|Would you like some grapes?

: ux|en|Would you like some water?

: ux|en|Ive just met some guy who said he knew you.   The sequence S converges to zero for some initial value v.

: ux|en|He had edited the paper for some years.

: ux|en|He is some acrobat!

: I guess he must have weighed some 90 kilos.

: Some 30,000 spectators witnessed the feat.

: Some 4,000 acres of land were flooded.

: ux|en|Sometimes I sit and think, but mostly I just sit.

*: It is good that we sometimes be contradicted.

*: That fair and warlike form / In which the majesty of buried Denmark / Did sometimes march.

*: For ye were sometimes darkness, but now are ye light in the Lord: walk as children of light:

*: they detract, scoffe, and raile (saith one), and bark at me on every side; but I, like that Albanian dog sometimes given to Alexander for a present, vindico me ab illis solo contemptu; I lie still, and sleep, vindicate myself by contempt alone.

*: Thy sometimes brothers wife.

: ux|en|Ill see you at the pub sometime this evening.

: ux|en|This will certainly happen sometime in the future.

: my sometime friend and mentor

: attention|en Our sometime sister, now our queen. — Shakespeare.

: attention|en Ion, our sometime darling, whom we prized. — Talfourd.

*: Were nothing els di?cour?ively in?erted (as ?ome little el?e occa?ionally pre?ented it ?elfe), what paper more currently fit for the bare?t mechanicall u?es,...

*: I think it is plain, that Origen, whatever Character he may have occa?ionally given of this Book, did not judge it any part of the Canon...

*: God ?etteth no houres for the morning or evening ?acrifice because they may occa?ionally be changed.

*: Some perhaps worship only on alternate Sundays; others still more occasionally.

*: The journal, more occasionally, has turned to what might be called "fashionable" themes.

*: Flames could still be seen from town flaring up occasionally on a hill dotted with emergency vehicles.

: ux|en|One day I shall upgrade my software, but not just yet.

: ux|en|One day I was playing with a girl from my class.

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