johtaja englanniksi   mastermind, manager, commander, lord, boss, director, executive, leader, controller


*: At long intervals some master-minds appeared, looking upon each advance in practical science as a retro-gradation in the true utility.

*: And it was a fitting victory for Liverpool as Anfield celebrated the 100th anniversary of the birth of their legendary Scottish manager Bill Shankly.

: a file manager; a task manager; Program Manager

*: Eadig [[the|ðe]] [[thane|ðegn]] ðone miððy [[comes|cymes]] hlaferd his [[one|on]]-[[find|fand]] [[so|sua]] [[doing|doende]].

*: [[blessed|Ble??ed]] is that [[servant|?eruant]], [[whom]]e his Lord when he [[comes|commeth]], [[shall|?hal]] [[find]]e [[so|?o]] doing.

*: Por. ...But now, I was the Lord

*: of this [[fair]]e [[mansion|man?ion]], [[master|mai?ter]] of my [[servants|?eruants]],

*: [[queen|Queene]] [[over|oer]] [[myself|my ?elfe]]...

*: Lords of manors are distinguished from other land-owners with regard to the [[game]].

*: Ymbe ðet lond et cert ðe hire eðelmod hire hlabard salde.

*: ...thou [[worthy|worthie]] Lord,

*: Of that [[unworthy|vnworthie]] wife that [[greets|greeteth]] thee

*: Pet. Katherine, I charge thee, tell [[these|the?e]] [[head-strong|head-?trong]] women,

*: What [[duty|dutie]] they [[do]]e owe their Lords and [[husbands|hu?bands]]!

*: Therefore Sarah laughed within her [[self|?elfe]], [[saying|?aying]], After I am [[wax]]ed old, [[shall|?hall]] I [[have|haue]] [[pleasure|plea?ure]], my lord being old [[also|al?o]]?

*: Yes, here I am, my good friend; and here I have been so long, that anywhere else I should think it necessary to [[apologise]]; but, the truth is, that I am waiting for my lord and master.

*: [[as|Als]] [[our]]e lauerd has [[heaven|heuen]] in hand

*: [[so|Sua]] [[should|suld]] man be lauerd of land.

*: All [[such]]e lordes as have gutters [[betwixt|betuxte]] [[their|thar]] houses.

*: A [[mighty|mightie]] Lord of Swine!

*: Turnus...

*: Wrenchd from his feeble hold the shining Sword;

*: And plungd it in the Bosom of its Lord.

*: Lord, the owner of the land in which a mine is situated is called the ‘lord’.

*: Ohthere sæde his hlaforde, Ælfrede cyninge, þæt...

*: It is a [[piteous|pytuouse]] case... [[when|whan]] [[subjects|subjectes]] [[rebel]]l [[against|agaynst]] their [[natural]]l lorde.

*: Man over men He made not Lord.

*: To fare out as fast with his fader to speke, & with lordesse of [[that|þat]] [[land|lond]].

*: Men [[might|myghten]] lordis [[know]]e

*: By [[their|there]] [[array]]e, from [[other|oþir]] [[folk]]e.

*: If such [[person]]e [[be]]e of the estate of a Lord, as [[duke|Duc]], [[marquess|Marques]], [[earl|Erle]], [[viscount|Viscount]] or [[baron|Baron]].

*: Princes, and noble Lords:

*: What [[answer|an?wer]] [[shall|?hall]] I make to this [[base|ba?e]] man?

*: Our English name Lord, whereby we and the Scots [[style|stile]] all such as are of the Greater [[nobility|Nobilitie]] i. Barons, as also Bishops.

*: The Englishman of to-day still dearly loves a lord.

*: [[far|Farre]] [[excelling|excellyng]] the state of lordes, [[earls|erles]], dukes or [[kings|kynges]].

*: The Marquess played off the two Lords and the Baronet against his former friend.

*: O wityng [[both|bath]] [[good|god]] and ill ?ee suld be lauerds at ?our will.

*: The [[sun|sonne]] is the lorde of [[planets|planetes]].

*: 1697, w|John Dryden translating w|Publius Virgilius Maro as w|Georgics, iii

*: Love is Lord of all.

*: But are you still master of your domain?

*: I am king of the county. You?

*: Lord of the manor.

*: Oh, Oh! The cotton Lords are tearing!

*: The [[ascendant|assendent]], & eke the lord of the [[ascendant|assendent]], may be shapen for to be [[fortunate|fortunat]] or [[unfortunate|infortunat]], as thus, a [[fortunate|fortunat]] [[ascendant|assendent]] clepen they [[when|whan]] [[that|þat]] no [[wicked|wykkid]] [[planet]]e, as [[Saturn]]e or Mars, or [[else|elles]] the tail of the [[dragon|dragoun]], is in [[the|þe]] [[house|hows]] of the [[ascendant|assendent]].

*: Lord, a very crooked, deformed... Person.

*: Twenty years ago you might hear a sixpence described as a ‘Lord’ meaning ‘[[Lord of the Manor]]’; that is, a [[tanner]].

: rfquotek|Shakespeare

: rfquotek|Gwilt

*: All were waiting : uncle Charles, who sat far away in the shadow of the window, Dante and Mr Casey, who sat in the easy chairs at either side of the hearth, Stephen, seated on a chair between them, his feet resting on a toasting boss.

: Chat turned to whisper when the boss entered the conference room.

: My boss complains that Im always late to work.

: They named him boss because he had good leadership skills.

: He is the Republican boss in Kentucky.

: Yes, boss.

: Theres no olive oil, will sunflower oil do? — Ill have to run that by the boss.

*: By YOU last night’s journey was actually bossed / Without you, I’m certain, we’d all have been lost.

*: His sisters bossed him and spoiled him. All their lives he was to go on being their little brother, who could do no wrong, because he was the baby; [...]

*: She bossed him, and hes never gotten over it. She still orders him around, and instead of telling her to go soak her head, he just says Yes, maam as weak as a newborn jellyfish [...]

*: For if, on the one hand, I bossed him and showed him what to do and how to do it, [...]

: Dont you think surfings boss?

: an executive bathroom

: Follow the leader.

: We elected her team leader.

: w|Leader of the House of Commons|Leader of the House of Commons

: w|Senate Majority Leader|Senate Majority Leader

: The company is the leader in home remodeling in the county.

*: The great controller of our fate / Deigned to be man, and lived in low estate.

*: The choice of controller is determined by the matrix verb. If, as in (30b) and (3la), the main verb does not subcategorize for an OBJ, then the controller is the matrix SUBJ. In this case the complement clause is interpreted as having the same subject as the main clause. If the main verb does take an OBJ, the controller is the matrix patient.

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