jekku englanniksi   gleek, practical joke, prat


*: Wheres the Ba?tards braues, and Charles his glikes: What all amort?

*: A pretty gleek coming from Pallas eye.

: The man said he “gleeked” on the woman, but did not intentionally spit on her.

: The class put a whoopee cushion on the teachers chair as a practical joke.

*: Pratt, a Buttock.

*: Mungo didnt like their attitude. Nor did he like exposing his prat in mixed company.

*: "Shes a far better piece
Than the Viceroys niece,
Who has also more fur on her prat."

*: "...they would kidnap a girl and take her back to their camp where they would pull down her knickers, hoping to find hairs on her prat."

*: "My prat was sore from the unfamiliar activities of the night before, but my virgin bleeding had ceased, and we rode most of the day in that unworldly haze that comes with lack of sleep."

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