jäsen englanniksi   limb, member, adherent


*: Three chairs of the steamer type, all maimed, comprised the furniture of this roof-garden, with...on one of the copings a row of four red clay flower-pots filled with sun-baked dust from which gnarled and rusty stalks thrust themselves up like withered elfin limbs.

*: That little limb of the devil has cheated the gallows.

: They limbed the felled trees before cutting them into logs.

*: Man was not made so large limbed and robust but that he must seek to narrow his world and wall in a space such as fitted him.

: rfquotek|Milton

: solar limb

: The I-beams were to become structural members of a pedestrian bridge.

*: The member intertongues and grades laterally with the lower sandstone member of the Pocahontas Formation of Early Pennslyvanian age

*: We have many members in one body, and all members have not the same office.

: The zip file holding the source code of this application has 245 members.

: rfquotek|Alexander Pope

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