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: ux|en|Bring us word again.

*: And after they were warned in ther slepe, that they shulde not go ageyne to Herod, they retourned into ther awne countre another way.

: ux|en|We need to bring the old customs to life again.

: ux|en|The South will rise again.

*: but Merlyn warned the kynge couertly that gweneuer was not holsome for hym to take to wyf / for he warned hym that launcelot shold loue her and she hym ageyne

*: So women are never angrie, but to the end a man should againe be angrie with them, therein imitating the lawes of Love.

*: Thus men are plagued with women, they again with men, when they are of diverse humours and conditionsnb....

*: As he lies in the light before a glaring white target, the black upon him shines againnb....

*: He tangled in tree-tops again and again / And barely missed hitting a tri-motored plane.

*: Johnny said, “Devil, just come on back if you ever want to try again / I done told you once, you son of a bitch, I’m the best that’s ever been.”

*: The last sentence is so shocking, I have to read it again.

*: Cirri l-lxxx, 15, about 12mm. long; first two joints short, about twice as broad as long; third about one-third again [=one and one-third times] as long as broad; fourth and fifth the longest, about half again [=one and a half times] as long as broad;nb....

: ux|en|Great, thanks again!

: ux|en|Whats that called, again?

: ux|en|Again, Im not criticizing, I just want to understand.

: ux|en|Approach B is better than approach A in many respects, but again, there are difficulties in implementing it.

*: A great bargain also had been the excellent Axminster carpet which covered the floor; as, again, the arm-chair in which Bunting now sat forward, staring into the dull, small fire.

: rfquotek|Francis Bacon

*: The one is my sovereign...the other again is my kinsman.

*: Again, it is of great consequence to avoid, etc.

*: And here begynneth the treson of Kynge Marke that he ordayned agayne Sir Trystram.

*: Ahd like to wahrn (warn) thi agaan evvin owt to dew wi that chap.

*: You may think you are all on the same side, agin the government.

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