intohimo englanniksi   zeal, passion, ambition, romance


*: Zeal, the blind conductor of the will.

*: I bear them record that they have a zeal of God, but not according to knowledge.

: rfquotek|Ben Jonson

: We share a passion for books.

: It started as a hobby, but now my motorbike collection has become my passion.

: We shared a night of passion.

: a cardiac passion

*: the passions of this time

*: A body at rest affords us no idea of any active power to move, and, when set is motion, it is rather a passion than an action in it.

*: mouldable and not mouldable, scissible and not scissible, and many other passions of matter

: ... to obtain the knowledge of some passion of the circle. rfex

: He will again be well: if much you note him,
You shall offend him and extend his passion:

*: Dumbly she passions, frantically she doteth.

: rfquotek|Keats

: My son, John, wants to be a firefighter very much. He has a lot of ambition.

*: the pitiful ambition of possessing five or six thousand more acres

: My ambition is to own a helicopter.

*: [I] used no ambition to commend my deeds.

: Pausanias, ambitioning the sovereignty of Greece, bargains with Xerxes for his daughter in marriage. — Trumbull.

: His life was a romance.

: a girl full of romance

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