heti englanniksi   stat, at once, right away, make it snappy, instantaneously, immediately, outright, instantly


: If you stat it, they will kill it.

*: Those two great champions did attonce pursew / The fearefull damzell with incessany payns [...].

: ux|en|Can you pat your head and rub your belly at once?
He tried to eat four cookies at once.

: ux|en|Tell the doctor to come at once. She is having a baby.

: This item is urgent, so please start on it right away.

: Bring me a coffee, and make it snappy!

: I hope we can begin immediately.

: I refute those allegations outright.

: I have just responded outright to that question.

: Two people died outright and one more later.

: I have bought the house outright.

: That was an outright stupid thing to say.

: I demand an outright apology.

: We achieved outright domination.

: Truths, half truths and outright lies.

: With little effort they found dozens of outright lies.

: He found a pattern of non-transparency and outright deception.

*: According to the general rules for Eurosystem monetary policy instruments and procedures, the outright purchase and sale of securities on the market (outright transactions) are among the standard open market operations used within the Eurosystem’s monetary policy framework.

: I made an outright purchase of the house.

: They dont seek outright independence, but rather greater autonomy.

*: Theoxena although she were instantly urged thereunto, could never be induced to marry againe.

: ux|en|When the neighbours dog barked, ours instantly replied with a howl.

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