espanja englanniksi   Spain, Spanish


*: The mountains of Spain consist of parallel ranges, running from east to west...

*: Spain fought with France constantly from 1494 through the 1540s, especially over Italy.

*: Whether Martials heart was in the Spanish highlands or whether he was happy enough in Rome will be discussed later...

*: Though she was Indian like the rest of us, she had a fine Spanish nose.

*: Spanish cuisine is not as spicy hot as Mexican, but it is flavorful and bright.

*: Fundamentally, the Spanish vowel sounds are only five, even though as a matter of fact there may be different other sounds for such vowels as [a], [e] and [o].

*: "If he speaks Spanish, my daughter can converse with him ; she has but shortly arrived from Spain."

*: Therefore in Novial, as well as in Esp-Ido, we simplify the spelling in all words containing double letters in the national languages, from which the words are taken: pasa (E pass, F passer), efekte, komun (F commun, E common), etc. In this we follow the beautiful example of Spanish, which writes pasar, efecto, común, etc., and even extend it to cases in which Spanish makes a distinction in sound and spelling, as with ll and rr: bel S bello, F belle, koresponda, S corresponder, etc.

*: In contrast with the creole languages discussed above, the article systems of Rumanian, French, Spanish, and Portuguese are more complex, since neutralization fails to occur to a large extent.

*: The Spanish are not the only ones selling their goods along the wharves and the inner streets.

*: Sixty-four percent more Spanish are functionally illiterate compared to Anglos in Lubbock (only 15 percent more of nonwhites than Anglos).

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