esitys englanniksi   submission, floorshow, program, performance, presentation, rendition, proposition, proposal


: ux|en|Our program for today’s exercise class includes swimming and jogging.

: ux|en|The program consisted of ads for restaurants and the credits of everyone connected with the play.

: ux|en|Tonight’s program was hosted by Johnny Carson.

: ux|en|The program runs on both [[Linux]] and Microsoft [[Windows]].

*: Ellis: Come on, John, why don’t you get with the program and tell him where the detonators are?

: I programmed a small game as a demonstration.

: ux|en|the performance of an undertaking or a duty

: ux|en|Better performance means more work accomplished in shorter time and/or using fewer resources.

*: Prayers are sometimes a presentation of mere desires.

*: If the bishop admits the patrons presentation, the clerk so admitted is next to be instituted by him.

*: Since then, according to his lawyers and relatives, he has been repeatedly beaten, threatened with a firearm and with further rendition to Guantánamo by Ugandan officials, before being questioned by American officials.

*: The groups debut, Beloved Symphony, featuring light opera renditions of Mozart, Bach and Chopin, was deemed insufficiently classic for inclusion on the classical charts.

*: Records show that only about three hundred fugitive slaves were renditioned to the South between 1850 and secession a decade later.

*: Our English nouns remain unchanged, whether they form the subject or the object of a proposition.

: the propositions of Wyclif and Huss

*: Some persons ... change their propositions according as their temporal necessities or advantages do turn.

: ux|en|The cars dull finish showed years of neglect.

: ux|en|All he had to show for four years of attendance at college was a framed piece of paper.

: to show mercy; to show favour

: ux|en|Could you please show him on his way. He has overstayed his welcome.

: ux|en|Your bald patch is starting to show.

*: Just such she shows before a rising storm.

*: All round a hedge upshoots, and shows / At distance like a little wood.

: ux|en|We waited for an hour, but they never showed.

: ux|en|In the third race: Aces Up won, paying eight dollars; Blarney Stone placed, paying three dollars; and Cinnamon showed, paying five dollars.

*: My lord of York, it better showed with you.

: ux|en|art show;  dog show

: ux|en|show of force

: ux|en|radio show;  television show

: ux|en|Lets catch a show.

*: I envy none their pageantry and show.

: ux|en|The dog sounds ferocious but its all show.

: Lets get on with the show.   Lets get this show on the road.   They went on an international road show to sell the shares to investors.   It was Apples usual dog and pony show.

: ux|en|He played AA ball for years, but never made it to the show.

: rfquotek|Raymond

*: Beware of the scribes,...which devour widows houses, and for a shew make long prayers.

*: He through the midst unmarked, / In show plebeian angel militant / Of lowest order, passed.

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