edellä englanniksi   ahead, above


: The island was directly [[ahead]].

: Just ahead you can see the cliffs.

: There may be tough times ahead.

: Youve got to think ahead so as not to be unprepared.

: He paid his rent ahead.

: In all of his classes Jack was ahead.

: ux|en|He always put his coat on above his sweater.

*: Fowl that may fly above the earth.

: ux|en|Idaho is above Utah.

: ux|en|Even the chief of police is not above suspicion.

: ux|en|He was aways above reproach.

: ux|en|Thats above my comprehension.

: ux|en|to cut above average

*: Thy worth […] is actions above my gifts.

*: I saw in the way a light from heaven above the brightness of the sun.

: ux|en|to stand head and shoulders above the rest

: ux|en|over and above

: ux|en|above and beyond the call of duty

: ux|en|The owner was above taking more than a token salary.

*: That was said above.

: Hes in a better place now, floating free as the clouds above.

: He appealed to the court above.

: It was a cold day at only 5 above.

: The sparrow I saw was rufous above and off-white below.

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