aurinko englanniksi   Sun, sun, sunshine


*: Lambs that did frisk in the sun.

*: For the Lord God is a sun and shield.

*: I will never consent to put out the sun of sovereignity to posterity.

*: whilst many an hunger-starved poor creature pines in the street, wants clothes to cover him, labours hard all day long, runs, rides for a trifle, fights peradventure from sun to sun, sick and ill, weary, full of pain and grief, is in great distress and sorrow of heart.

: ux|en|Beautiful bodies lying on the beach, sunning their bronzed limbs.

: ux|en|We were warmed by the bright sunshine.

: ux|en|We moved out of the shade and into the sunshine.

*: Out again into the sunshine by the wide mouth of the Green River, as the chart named the brook whose level stream scarce moved into the lake. A streak of blue shot up it between the banks, and a shrill pipe came back as the kingfisher hastened away.

: ux|en|I enjoyed the sunshine of her smile.

: ux|en|Alright sunshine, safe to cross now.

: ux|en|OK, sunshine, listen up and listen good. Theres five vandalised telephone boxes out there and I know youre responsible.

: ux|en|Good morning, sunshine!

: ux|en|Because of the sunshine law, we could go to the planning meeting.

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