asiakkaat englanniksi   patronage


: His vigorous patronage of the conservatives got him in trouble with progressives.

: The restaurant had an upper class patronage.

: rfquotek|Addison

: rfquotek|Blackstone

*: Mingdi continued the policy of his father who had patronaged Confucian learning.

*: Table 5.4 reveals the role of criminal gangs’ patron under each crime category. From this, we can understand that 74 percent of the mercenaries are patronaged and supported by the politicians either of the ruling or opposition party.

*: To summarize: a person with a party political background is thus defined as ‘a person that has served in (a) ... and/or (b) a non-elective position inside the party administration of patronaged position in another organisation, i.e. the political functionary’.

*: This house is largely patronaged by the professors and students of many of the Educational Institutions of New England and the Middle States; and all perons visiting New York, either for business or pleasure, will find this an excellent place at which to stop.

*: Mr. F. A. Welch, of the Oak View Poultry Farm, Salem, starts an add with us this issue. ... Our readers will be treated well, if they patronage Mr. Welch.

*: Most public establishments catered to Blacks, and Whites actively patronaged some black-owned businesses (Martin 1982, 6, 9–11; Slingsby 1980, 31–32).----

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