alamainen englanniksi   subject, under, servile, vassal, subordinate, subservient


: a country subject to extreme heat

*: All human things are subject to decay.

: ux|en|Menu listings and prices are subject to change.

: ux|en|Hes subject to sneezing fits.

: ux|en|The local board sets local policy, subject to approval from the State Board.

: rfquotek|Spenser

*: Esau was never subject to Jacob.

: ux|en|In the sentence ‘The mouse is eaten by the cat in the kitchen.’, ‘The mouse’ is the subject, ‘the cat’ being the agent.

: The subjects and objects of power.

*: the subject for heroic song

*: Make choice of a subject, beautiful and noble, which ... shall afford an ample field of matter wherein to expatiate.

*: the unhappy subject of these quarrels

: ux|en|Her favorite subject is physics.

: ux|en|I am a British subject.

*: The earliest known form of subject is the ecclesiastical cantus firmus, or plain song.

*: Writers of particular lives...are apt to be prejudiced in favour of their subject.

*: The little boys in the front bedroom had thrown off their blankets and lay under the sheets.

: ux|en|He served in World War II under General Omar Bradley.

*: Englands World Cup dreams fell apart under a French onslaught on a night when their shortcomings were brutally exposed at the quarter-final stage.

: ux|en|to collapse under stress; to give in under interrogation

*: J.K. Rowling has written a crime novel called The Cuckoos Calling under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

: ux|en|he writes books under the name John Smith

: It took the hypnotist several minutes to make his subject go under.

*: I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection.

*: The minstrel fell, but the foemans chain / Could not bring his proud soul under.

*: Even fortune rules no more, O servile land!

: servile flattery; servile obedience

: a servile letter

*: The vassals of his anger.

*: The several kinds and subordinate species of each are easily distinguished.

*: It was subordinate, not enslaved, to the understanding.

: In the sentence, “The barbecue finished before John arrived”, the subordinate clause “before John arrived” specifies the time of the main clause, “The barbecue finished”.

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