TAI englanniksi   Tai, louse, or, and/or, OR


*: The Tais first appeared in history in Yunnan, and from thence they migrated into Upper Burma. The earliest swarms appear to have entered that tract about two thousand years ago, and were small in number.

*: The sporophyte foot is also characteristic: it is very broad and more or less lenticular or disciform, as broad or broader than the calyptra stalk..., and is sessile on the calyptra base...

: ux|en|Its raining! Come inside or youll catch a cold!

: ux|en|the country [[Myanmar]] or [[Burma]]

: 1909, The metals are gold and silver, these being termed "or" and "argent". — Arthur Charles Fox-Davies, A Complete Guide to Heraldry

: 1889, In engraving, "Or" is expressed by dots. — Charles Norton Elvin, A Dictionary of Heraldry

*: "Sey ye never so," seyde Sir Bors, "for many tymys or this she hath bene wroth with you, and aftir that she was the firste that repented hit."

: List three personal and/or business references.

*: Max Fischer: I like your nurses uniform, guy. -- Dr. Peter Flynn: These are O.R. [[scrubs]]. -- Max Fischer: Oh, are they?

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